Beer League vs Pro League Players

Recently the ‘Hockey Tutorial‘ channel on YouTube asked EIHL side the Sheffield Steelers to do a video comparing Beer League vs Pro League Players.

The beer league definition being lovingly explained by Urban Dictionary as follows:

Adult recreational sport. Played for the passion of the game by men and women over 19 years old. The post game ritual of sitting around a cooler full of beer bullshitting about skill level or lack thereof is as important as the game itself. Sportsmanship, camaraderie and competition are the key elements.

Epitomised by the 1.2 million Canadian adults proud to be playing hockey in the beer leagues.

John – You play hockey?
Kelly – Yah, in the beer leagues
The video involves a scrimmage and interviews with both sides commenting how the experience differed from their counterparts playing abilities.

The players commented how the EIHL Sheffield team were able to take a puck off them in their own zone and have scored 2 seconds later. It’s also interesting to see from the comments on the video how many US and Canadians have no idea the UK even has a pro league.

Maybe the Jets could line something up against their home team pro’s the Manchester Storm for a similar experience?

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