Off Ice Training Tools

Ice time in the UK is at a premium with general skate sessions taking the bulk of it. This means hockey players often don’t have enough time to practice their skills, whether that be skating, stick handling, shooting or passing. You can however use off ice training instead!

We’ve listed below some brilliant bits of kit you can use to train off the the ice, like you were on the ice! Lots of them you could probably make yourself if you’re handy! Check out the video below that rounds them all up!

1. Marsblade

MARSBLADE is the first training tool that truly offers an ice-like feel without actually
skating on ice. The unique rocking motion simulates the rounded shape of the ice hockey blade,
allowing skaters to use the same agile movement pattern as in ice skating. By activating the
same muscle groups used for ice skating, MARSBLADE helps skaters prepare for the upcoming
season, prevent injuries and become overall better ice hockey players.

Where to buy? https://www.icelocker.co.uk/marsblades

How much? £165

2. Hockey wrap around

The Hockey Wrap Around is a hockey stick blade protector that has been designed and developed
specifically for hockey players. It will protect your hockey stick blade during use on any
rough surface while training off the ice. Hockey Wrap Around will allow you to use your
favourite hockey stick on any surface without causing damage or reducing the lifespan of your
stick blade.

The Patented design of the Hockey Wrap Around allows it to wrap and contour to practically ANY
current hockey stick blade shape. It doesn’t matter if you have a square or rounded blade,
left or right handed, Hockey Wrap Around does it all.

Where to buy? http://hockeywraparound.eu/collections/wraparound

How much? £25

3. The Green Biscuit

The Biscuit that started it all! And still the best off-ice puck to practice your
stickhandling and passing.

Slides effortlessly on virtually any rough surface so you can play on driveways, parking lots,
streets, basements, tennis courts, etc.

Where to buy? https://www.amazon.co.uk

How much? £15-£20

4. Training balls

Any coach will tell you that puck control practice with a ball is the fastest way to improve
your stickhandling technique, speed up your wrists and work on your nifty moves. It’s great
for basic and complex stickhandling drills. Works on any surface!

Where to buy? http://www.hockeyshot.eu/Pass-Stickhandling/Hockey-Pucks-Balls.htm

How much? £5-£15

5. Sauce Kit / Sauce Toss

The Hockey Sauce Kit is the Premier Game, Trick Shot and Training Kit all in one box. They can
be used on the beach to the ice and everything in-between.

Where to buy? http://www.saucetoss.com/

How much? £130-£190

6. Snipers Edge Shooting Tarp

The Sniper’s Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp continues to be the world’s #1 selling hockey shooting
tarp. You can practice your Chara like slapshot or your deadly accurate wrist shot, while your
house, garage, and walls stay free from dents and holes.

Where to buy? https://www.snipersedgehockey.com/

How much? £150

7. X-Deviator

Customizable, durable, and fun! The xDeviator™ is the ultimate training aid for developing
puck control and stickhandling skills. Whether on the ice or at home, players of every age and
skill level can create challenging obstacles of any shape to improve quickness, toe drags, and
dangles. This essential coaching tool will help enhance your team’s skills and creativity
during practice.

Where to buy? http://www.xhockeyproducts.com/x-deviator.html

How much? £100

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