Robin Kovar steps in to help coach The Jets!

NHL draft and Manchester Phoenix favourite Robin Kovar has kindly offered his services to the Altrincham Jets for a few weeks after our very own Jake Harrison had asked him to help out during their PT sessions.

Kovar stepped onto the ice on last nights training session to initially assess the teams overall ability and will spend some time with the players in the coming weeks advising on where improvements can be made individually. Assessments of the teams systems and play style will also be critiqued and coached.

Kovar was a 4th draft by the Edmonton Oilers back in 2002 and has spent his career playing in some of the top leagues in the Europe. His experience and abilities will undoubtedly bring an edge to the Altrincham Jets as they look ahead to the summer campaigns.

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Message from the GM – Players wanted!

Guys we are on the lookout for 2 or 3 players for our team.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join the team of committed and able players. With James Ashton as head coach (currently coaches Team GB) and players that played at high level in Europe this can be great opportunity to improve your game and have some good hockey time!

We are looking for hard working individuals that are gonna be there for the team and don’t mind breaking a sweat 😀

Get in touch and you are welcome to come and see us train, potentially after quick chat join us for training.

Please share guys!

Thanks a million,

General Manager

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How are pucks made?

It’s the off season for a lot of leagues and players around the world but for some it’s just getting started. Whether you’re following the NHL play offs, the IIHF World Championships or watching your rec team they’ll be plenty of pucks being made every day.

The IIHF recently went to the factory where all the pucks for the IIHF World Championships have been produced. They’ve also supplied pucks for the Olympics in years gone by.

The Gufex factory is based in the Czech Republic. Gufex currently supplies it’s long lasting and virtually superior ice hockey pucks to the world. You will find the GUFEX puck on every continent and in every country with an ice hockey team ex: ( Russia, USA, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Slovakia etc.) but also in unexpected countries such as China, Taiwan, JAR, Mexico, Australia etc. GUFEX will soon be expanding it’s puck products to include all levels of ice hockey, from beginers to national teams.

Check out the video below to see how they make the pucks!

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