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Jets prove their mettle against Canadiens

The Jets had the honour and privilege of meeting 4 times Stanley Cup winner  Yvon Lambert on our training session recently. So when we were also offered the challenge of playing against his well seasoned, professionally coached Montreal Canadiens who travel around the globe playing against teams of all nationalities and levels we pretty much bit their French Canadian hands off.

The Jets all assembled in the bar of Altrincham Ice Rink giving the locker room space to our esteemed guests. As each of us turned up we discussed and joked how we were going to get annihilated by the foreign visitors but settled on the notion it was going to be a good experience and a bit of fun. We were told by the ref that we weren’t allowed slapshots so naturally we all looked at Patrik, Patrik looked at himself with inwards reflection whilst he tried to remember what a wrist shot was.

We gathered round the boards waiting for the ice to dry whilst one of their players pointed out the tiny, novelty net they’d brought with them to give us a chance. Out of respect we laughed because… well you’re respectful of your elders.

The Jets rose to the task ahead, each line playing in succinct fashion, passes on tape, players marked, shots sniped. This caused some frustration for the visitors and the pre-agreed style of play went two sheets to the wind meaning the Jets had to defend and become more physical. This we did and ultimately after a strong 2-0 lead by the visitors Jets retaliated with goals from Jake Harrison, Milan Branik and Alex Towns taking the final score to 3-2 to the Jets. MVP went to netminder Steph Drinkwater after a stellar display between the pipes!

The evening was both exciting and humbling and we extend our thanks to the Canadiens for the opportunity to play against them and Laurie Tebb for organising.

Jets 3 – Canadiens 2