Offensive breakout positioning

Often in rec hockey you have mixed abilities, experience and styles. This regularly creates difficulties within teams, for example, an experienced defenseman may skate the puck up the ice expecting his forwards will be ready for the pass. In reality his forwards are still getting their legs moving and he has no one to pass the play onto.

These expectations or assumptions can and do cause frustration within rec hockey teams where you can have ex-pro or ex-nationals playing alongside 3/4 year start ups. Of course we have to be realistic and fair, we can’t expect perfection but we can strive for it. And there are some easy to learn positioning points we can all take onboard.

Lots of forwards will stand still and wait for a puck to come to them. A defenseman or centre will tell you quickly “I won’t pass to you if you’re not moving”. Without motion you have no momentum. You can as a forward skate deep and hard into your zone, curl round, receive a pass and take a play up the ice. In fact, you should. If you stand still you’ll either get nailed or you’ll have lost your advantage.

There lots of videos out there on how to create scoring opportunties, how to forecheck, one-time etc… but none more important than positioning yourself in the right place. Below we have a video from 247 Hockey on breakout positioning.